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What We Do Best

Our build – disrupt – sustain mentality comes from us being able to handle everything you need. Our diverse expertise can provide you with a wide array of services – from sales growth to marketing and strategic planning.



Sales Growth Solutions

Knollwood provides its clients with a wide range of valuable and high-impact sales strategy and support solutions. 

Outsourced sales staffing

Knollwood can provide an outsourced team of seasoned sales professionals to help accelerate a firm’s growth.

Market research

Evaluate and define a firm’s total addressable market, explore ways to better coordinate selling efforts across divisions (up/cross selling opportunities), and analyze the competitive landscape, including people, solutions and pricing.

sales budgeting & management

Develop or evaluate sales and revenue budgets, including sales quotas at firm and individual sales rep level.

Product Pricing

Assess revenue model and pricing structure and elasticity – – push for recurring, subscription-based pricing and revenue


Draft job descriptions for sales staff and actively participate in the interview of potential sales & marketing staffing candidates


Create sales compensation framework and establish sales incentives, including a mix of cash and non-cash incentives

evaluate, train and coach

Assess sales rep productivity and results, including pipeline management and sales execution, and develop relevant and impactful training and coaching programs.

analytics & systems

Review sales analytics & systems, including client relationship management (CRM) tools that are used to super-charge the sales process

Brand Evaluation

Evaluate brand assets, including logo, business cards, letterhead and standard presentation materials.

Digital Marketing

Website assessment and effective use of social media

Customer Feedback

Draft client surveys, including use of net promoter score (NPS)


Suggest and assist with promotional events, speaking engagements, and blog postings.

Key Accounts and Partners

Develop key account and strategic partner programs that are integrated with sales structure


Marketing &
Brand Strategy

Knollwood works with its clients to evaluate and prioritize their marketing spend across products and delivery methods and to craft the right brand messaging that will resonate with customers and tie into a firm’s corporate planning objectives.


Strategic Management and Planning

Assisting clients with sustained and profitable growth, including the development of a long-term corporate strategy and decisions on where to invest, compete, and expand. 

Strategic Planning

Build long-term strategic plan to accelerate growth and align with sales & marketing incentives and goals

Corporate Culture and Team Building

Evaluate corporate culture and employee retention

Crisis Management

Assist with responding to firm crises, including cybersecurity breaches, significant staff departures and unexpected legal and HR issues

Mergers & Acquisitions

Provide guidance and suggestions related to M&A activity.

Performance and Process Improvement

Assess and evaluate areas of a business requiring streamlined operations and better efficiencies.

how we work

Our Philosophy


Lasting success comes from constantly building, evolving and embracing change. That's the first step in choosing to grow your business.


The ability to disrupt comes from that drive to grow and be better. We believe in disrupting the norm, assessing all areas for opportunity and developing a strategy that lasts.


From the beginning, we think about your end goals. Building your long-term success is at the heart of what we do. When you succeed, we succeed.


Who We Serve

Our expertise and passion for what we do allows us to serve a wide array of clients across many industries. 

financial services


nonprofit & education


media & entertainment

private equity

professional services

asset management

our Clients

Trusted by the Best of the Best

FinTech Company

Knollwood consults with the COO on a regular, on-going basis and assisted with the development of a sales budget and hiring of the firm’s first sales representative, including drafting a job description and compensation plan and interviewing potential sales candidates.

Operational Due Diligence Consultant

Knollwood advises the CEO on business and sales strategy and conducts direct B2B sales for its client utilizing its deep network of industry contacts across various potential customers, including: pension funds, endowments & foundations, fund-of-funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and OCIO businesses.

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