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To truly understand what we do and how we do it, you need to know who we are and what we believe in. We have three pillars that guide us in helping your business grow.

01. integrity

As Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.”  Knollwood pursues projects with clients who place integrity and values above all else.  Integrity is the fuel that powers and sustains great businesses.

02. excellence

The pursuit of excellence is our obsession.  A constant endeavor.  A regular benchmark.  We maintain a relentless attitude to be the best and to deliver value and quality to our clients.

03. results

Sustained and profitable results are possible with hard work and investment.  Invest in your people.  Invest in your culture.  Invest in your customers.  Success will follow.

how we work

Our Mission

Knollwood’s mission is to partner with an exclusive group of clients to help them understand and implement significant, customized and enduring improvements in their business strategy, sales and performance that will set them on the path of “good-to-great” companies and propel them towards achieving their core purpose and value proposition.  Knollwood is a trusted advisor with a deep global network and commitment to integrity, excellence and results.

Who we are

Our Story & Team

 Since 2020, Knollwood has been working with a select group of clients to build better, highly-disruptive businesses.  Our goal is to work and become entrenched in our clients’ businesses so that we can understand the culture and areas requiring attention and enhancement.

Jeff Morton

Managing Partner

The firm was launched by Jeff Morton, an accomplished entrepreneur and senior executive who previously co-founded ACA Compliance Group, one of the largest global GRC companies, producing a portfolio of advisory and technology-oriented solutions across the regulatory compliance, cybersecurity and privacy and financial crimes industries.

At ACA, Jeff served on the firm’s Management Committee, while organizing and leading a global sales and marketing team spread across multiple jurisdictions, including the US, Europe and Asia.  Additionally, Jeff was actively involved in spearheading a variety of transformational corporate initiatives, including: strategic planning, process improvement and diversity and inclusion programs and evaluating and participating in several successful corporate acquisitions and divestitures.

Prior to ACA, Jeff enjoyed a rewarding career in government, including service as a White House Intern and as a Securities Compliance Examiner and Staff Accountant for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission overseeing and regulating a variety of financial services firms, including global investment banks, private equity firms and hedge fund managers.


Knollwood played a critical and important role in the launch of Ark’s formal sales strategy, including the design and execution of sales compensation plans, approach to setting sales quotas and retention and coaching of our full-time sales staff.

William Ward, COO, Ark PES

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