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What We Do

Knollwood is boutique consulting and advisory firm that assists its clients with sales, marketing, and business strategy.

We work with entrepreneurs and business executives across various industries and markets to develop leading corporate practices that accelerate growth while enhancing the employee work experience and deepening customer engagement and loyalty.

Sales Growth Solutions

Knollwood provides its clients with a wide range of valuable and high-impact sales strategy and support solutions.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Knollwood works with its clients to evaluate and prioritize their marketing spend across products and delivery methods and to craft the right brand messaging that will resonate with customers and tie into a firm’s corporate planning objectives. 

Strategic Management & Planning

Assisting clients with sustained and profitable growth, including the development of a long-term corporate strategy and decisions on where to invest, compete, and expand.

Our goal is to build better…corporate strategy, sales teams, pipelines of recurring revenue, products and service offerings and high-energy business cultures.

how we operate

Our Mission

Knollwood is a trusted advisor with a deep global network and commitment to integrity, excellence and results.


Our work with Knollwood over the past two years has been tremendously helpful across a number of different fronts – strategic planning, corporate culture, talent acquisition and sales and marketing. 

The counsel we receive allows us to think creatively about growth and building a business that can disrupt a growing market while continuing to serve our clients well.

Michael Merrigan, CEO & Founder, Shadmoor Advisors

From Our Founder

Choosing to Grow

Knollwood is the product of over twenty-five years in government and private practice observing, learning and executing the principles of what it takes to grow a great business.  It’s not any one thing that propels a firm to success.  Rather, it’s typically a confluence of certain significant events – – navigating to the right place, catching some lucky breaks and, most importantly, surrounding yourself with partners, colleagues and clients who value hard work, integrity, excellence, and results.

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